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Friday, March 8, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Today is Random 5 Friday over at A Rural Journal. The guidelines are to list 5 random things about yourself, your family, whatever! Here are my 5 for today:

1. On the days I am free to sleep in, I ususally cannot. uggh

2. I have a To-Do list a mile long, but can never seem to find it :)

3. I drive a Chevy Blazer.

4. Hubs collects arrowheads. He has probably close to 1000, most of which he has found poking around in the dirt.

5. I have never really liked Dr. Seuss books, even when a child.

Now it is your turn! Click HERE to link up your random five!


  1. Fun 5 facts from you today! Funny how you didn't/don't like Dr. Suess books. The illustrations are rather disturbing at times.

    Thanks so much for joining in! xo

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment!

    I feel you about the sleeping in thing. I have to get up at 6 for work every day and then on Sundays at the latest by 7:30 for church. So on Saturdays (and my every other Friday off) I have trouble sleeping past 7 or 7:30!

  3. I've lost my to-do list too- I think it's under the huge pile of ironing in the corner.

  4. Love reading your facts this week.. My cat won't let me sleep in. Little stinker..